10-gallon Opae ‘Ula Tank Gone Green

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2 Responses to 10-gallon Opae ‘Ula Tank Gone Green

  1. Luz says:

    Your site is so enjoyable and very informative, thanks for the updates!

    Can I ask– you don’t always cycle your tanks, right? It seems like you don’t automatically worry about that… Or maybe I’ve misunderstood. Your tanks are so cool!


    • JimS says:

      Hi Luz.

      Thanks for the kind words and question re cycling.

      Most of the literature recommends cycling for 2-3 weeks, but I decided to forego the wait by testing a few (3-4) from a small batch of 10. I set up my first tank (5 gallons) and immediately introduced the guinea pigs. They seemed fine, and when they appeared healthy after 24 hrs, I added the remainder. I observed the batch for a couple weeks and, after seeing no ill effects, I added another batch of 10. They all seemed to do fine.

      After this experiment, I started another 5 gallon tank the same way with the same results. After that, I started a 2.5 gallon and a 10 gallon tank with no cycle time. Again, no problems.

      Still, I would advise caution re foregoing cycling. The need to build-up the bacteria in the water before introducing the shrimps seems logical. The pet store clerk used water from the tank in the bag that held the shrimp, and I assumed that pouring the shrimps along with the water into my uncycled tank would kickstart the growth of bacteria.

      Initially, the level of bacteria would be very low, depending on the size of the tank. Thus, I made it a point to ask the clerk to pack them 10 to a bag, which made counting them easier and gave me more tank water.

      I’m wondering if cycling is more of a concern when tap water is used instead of bottled or distilled. The wait time might play an important role in reducing the chemicals in the water.

      Anyway, I’d be interested in hearing about others’ experience re cycling opae ‘ula tanks.


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