Opae’ula Gone Surfin’

Uploaded to YouTube by Aquarimax on 8 May 2011.

Thanks to Robin (10/14/15) for sharing the link to this video of opae’ula surfing the current in an upflow tube. It’s hilarious. It confirms my suspicion that these tiny guys are not only curious but fun loving. They routinely enter the current at the exhaust end of my UGF uptake tubes for a short and turbulent ride. They spread their legs out wide and arch their backs as though they’re surfing. At the end of the ride, they often circle right back to the spout to catch another wave.

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One Response to Opae’ula Gone Surfin’

  1. Robin says:

    You’re welcome! How can you not like little shrimpies having a good time, right? 😀


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