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Opae K-Pop ‘Ula

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After the Bubble Scare

Perhaps the upside of the bubble scare is the aftermath, when I have a chance to mull over my original goals in entering this hobby and make some decisions about how I’ll proceed for the foreseeable future. Yesterday, after a … Continue reading

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Opae’ula Bubble Trouble Solved

The bubbles are gone. I hope. I sat and observed the opae in the 10-gallon for about ten minutes this morning and didn’t see any with the dreaded bubble “disease.” What happened? The answer is so simple that I’m embarrassed … Continue reading

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Weird Bubble Growth on Opae’ula Shell

Updated 1/23/16, 1/29/16 1/23/16: Yesterday, I did a 50% water change. The tank size is 10-gallon, but 50% is approximately 4 gallons. I mix Instant Ocean Sea Salt with bottled water, 1/4 cup to a gallon, in a plastic gallon … Continue reading

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