10-gallon with Aqualifter+Filter – Updated 3/27/17, 1/28/18

This is the 10-gallon on the kitchen counter with an Aqualifter+filter on top of the tank. I removed the plastic spacer from the glass canopy. I also removed the lighting to make room for the pump+filter unit. The slots were already part of the small plastic tray. These will serve as an overspill if there’s a leak, sending the water back into the tank instead of onto the counter and floor. Shot with X100-T with poor in-door lighting at 10:30pm. Grainy but does the job. I’ll shoot it again during the day. Settings f/2, 1/15 sec, ISO-6400. UPDATE 1/28/18: Switched this 10-gallon tank back to standard UGF with air filters. The Aqualifter setup couldn’t handle the load over time.

Updated photo 3/27/17. Photo taken 3/27/17, 8:23am, f/2.5, 1/50 sec, ISO 800. Slightly smaller aperture, a lot faster shutter speed, and a much lower ISO. As an informal test, I’m using only one pump+filter on the 10-gallon and two on the 18-gallon below. The logic for two is that the UGF is split into two halves, so each side needs a unit. The logic for one is that the water in the unpumped half will seep into the pumped half and circulate. I didn’t create any openings between the two halves in the UGF so this assumption may be wrong. When it becomes clear that one is enough or two are required, I’ll make some changes.

New photo 3/27/17: 18-gallon (filled to 10-level) shot 3/27/17, 8:22am, with 2 Aqualifter+filter units. What you can’t see is the opening at the back of the canopy, similar to the one in the photos above. You also can’t see the small hole drilled into each tray to serve as an overspill back into the tank. To accommodate the Aqualifter units, I removed the back spacer from the canopy as well as the light. Photo specs: f/2.8, 1/80 sec, ISO 800. UPDATE 1/28/18: Reverted to UGF with air filters a couple months ago. The Aqualifter setup couldn’t handle the load.

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