Aqualifter Pump + Filter: Routine Maintenance

Airline Tubes

Check the drip rate at least once a day. Any slow-down may mean a problem with one or more tubes:

  1. Look for crimps in the airline. Replace if you find any.
  2. Look for signs of algae build-up within the tube. If you notice a small clump of growth, remove the tube and blow into one end. A quick burst of air will force the algae out.

Aqualifter Pump and Prefilter

The prefilter sponge turns dark after 2 to 3 months. I tried cleaning it, but the sponge material seems to lose its porousness and puts a strain on the pump, causing a leak. Instead of purchasing new prefilters, which could quickly add up in cost, I’ve decided to replace the sponge with carbon.

The problem is figuring out how to force the water entering the filter to pass through the carbon pellets before exiting and returning to the tank. To this end, I cut a small rectangular piece of plastic to fit inside the filter to keep the carbon section separated from the exhaust section. The theory is that most of the water entering the filter has to pass through the carbon before it can seep below and around the plastic barrier.

The plastic material I’m using for the barrier, however, is too thin and bends under the weight of the carbon, defeating the purpose of the barrier in the first place. I’ll have to come up with a stiffer barrier or a different design.

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