Aqualifter Pump+Filter Change for Small Tanks

The plastic mesh didn’t work out. (See “Aqualifted 1.5 and 1.0 Gallon Tanks” and “Oblong 1.5g Tank with Aqua Lifter Pump.”) Salt creep on the mesh was bad. Decided to use the same configuration as the larger 10-gallon tanks, with the pump-filter unit in a small container above and close to the tank. (See “10-gallon with Aqualifter+Filter – Updated 3/27/17.”) So far, no salt creep problem with the pump-filter units on the 10-gallons. This unit, however, doesn’t have a drip-back safety system (see below). In case of a leak in the pump-filter unit, the water will fill the container and spill over onto the shelf. I’ll have to think of way to allow for spill-back. The top of the tank is too narrow to support the pump-filter unit.

This is the one-gallon. The pump-filter unit looks huge on this tiny tank. Note the small hole in the middle of the white container, about a half inch from the bottom. This is a drip-back safety system. If the pump-filter unit leaks, the water will drip back into the tank. This is the same system I’m using with the larger (10-gallon) tanks.

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